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After earning two years of fast money with the netizen's general trend, Koala Entertainment began to

Since 2014, the word "big movie" has gradually entered the eyes of people. At that time, the story of hundreds of thousands of production costs won a million box office. The koala entertainment was entered in the wild age of the online content.

In an interview with 36, the founder of the koala entertainment, Qian Wei, admitted that they had earned a lot of money by borrowing from the past. "We have a film costing 80,000 yuan and finally recycling more than one million box office." During the year, they can do more than 20 big movies on average every year. In the top 10 of the major video websites, you can easily find several films produced by koala and also accumulate a lot of channel resources.

But when the time entered this year, the online big movie market began to shuffle. Last year, more than 600 films in the entire market suddenly surged to more than 2,000. The era of four or two has passed, and you will find that the top-ranking network production costs are basically More than one million, has reached the second and third line cinema level.

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After the market dividend period passed, Koala Entertainment began their new layout this year: targeting the women's market and making quality online content. "This is actually planned before, and the shuffling is affirmative." Qian Wei said that they did not make any film in the first half of this year, and they are preparing for the "slow" content in the future.

Koala Entertainment first changed the IP incubation method. They set up a comic team. The positioning is a long-form large-scale world-viewing work with a serialization time of more than three years. When these works are verified by the market, they gradually launch corresponding online dramas and big movies. And other derivative content.

In the first half of the year, the work of verifying this model, "The Best of the Youth", has more than 350 million people in the series of 52 words. The big movie of the same name has already started shooting. "The root fans have very good feedback on this practice." Qian Wei said that he did not come from the head of the family. Women will use this model to launch, to do IP amplification, and then to play games and other aspects, they have also reached cooperation with some games, film and television companies.

At the same time of planning long-term IP, Koala Entertainment is still building its own channel. “Like the mobile game of the year, the channel will become stronger and stronger after the shuffle, and CP’s voice will decline.” Qian Wei said that In the future, I don’t want to be completely controlled by the platform. Now the koala’s practice is to do the female-oriented PGC live content.

At present, they have already connected to the WeChat applet, independently developed a PGC live channel, and launched a customized live content with some women to the large size, to meet the needs of these large graphic content upgrades to video content and accumulate vertical traffic. In the future, we prepare for the contents of comics and online students. Now this channel is still in the test, only live at 8 o'clock every night, the average number of online users is about several thousand.

“The feedback of the public number that has been cooperated is still OK. In the future, I hope to turn it into a female channel that is broadcast live all day.” Qian Wei said that this platform does not need to be large, and the purpose is to form an internal cycle of IP incubation, channel promotion and realization. . Of course, building your own channel does not mean that the koala will abandon the platform channel, and then several of the works they produce have deep cooperation with the platform.

After identifying new content incubation and channel promotion models, Qian Wei said that they have also upgraded their core online content production. Now the koala has also adopted the scriptwriter and producer core system in the production. The work is actually doing talent screening. "For example, the director who can't adapt to this model has been eliminated by us." Qian Wei said that among the dozens of directors who cooperated, they only left two.

In the future, the koala entertainment will be promoted at the rhythm of about 10 major online movies every year. Some of them will use the comics as the source of the slow-moving content to make long-term IP realization, and the other part will ensure the koala brand activity and create a flowing market. To the content.

On the team side, Qian Wei is an investor and has served as the director of Chuangdong Investment and the founder of Huanyu Interactive Media. Responsible for the company's overall layout and film and television original content planning, in the comics and live broadcasts, there are two other partners responsible for the comics partner Fu Yi once served as the Xishanju game producer.

They have already received tens of millions of A rounds of financing from Heyi Capital and Chuangdong Investment, and are currently preparing for the A+ round.